Healthy Eating Coaching

Are you too busy to find and create healthy recipes for you and your family? Feeling overwhelmed and confused by what ‘healthy eating’ means? Frustrated by dieting, feeling gross, and getting nowhere? I can help you!


I don’t do diets. I’m not usually a fan of things with the word “die” in them, and, besides, diets just don’t work. Healthy eating is an integral part of a healthy and fit lifestyle that complements not only weight loss, but an increased level of energy and wellness. Nutritious food is meant to fuel for your body — and your life. I want my clients to learn how to eat to live, not live to eat. It’s my goal for my clients to help them realize that eating healthy food can be both delicious and easy. And as a vegetarian, I hope to inspire you to try tasty, plant-based meals that will help your body — and the planet.

I create personal weight loss solutions to fit your lifestyle needs. I will help you understand your lifestyle patterns, triggers and pitfalls and show you how to create new, simple behaviours that lead to healthier eating habits. Annnnd I will make you excited to eat your vegetables!

Healthy Happy Body in 4 Weeks – Online Nutrition Program & Fitness Program 

This program is the total package! You’ll receive healthy eating counselling in addition to a tailored personal training program for your healthiest, fittest body ever.

What’s included: 

  • FREE 30 minute consultation via phone or Skype
  • A healthy eating meal plan, including weekly goals + recipes, tailored to you
  • A personalized fitness schedule created by me for your goals and needs
  • Includes 1 personalized cardio workout + 3 personalized strength workouts 
  • Easy-to-follow workouts to be performed at home or at the gym weekly for 4 weeks
  • Weekly check-ins, food assessments, and tons of motivation and tips!

First Month: $125 // Continuing Months: $100


Healthy Happy Body in 4 Weeks – Online Healthy Eating Coaching 

Are you keen to eat healthy food, but just need help figuring out your best eating plan for most effective results? Let me help you.

What’s included: 

  • FREE 30 minute consultation via Skype or phone
  • One 60-minute session that involves goal-planning, recipe researching and food education via Skype or phone
  • A personalized healthy eating plan for the month
  • A grocery shopping list every week
  • Weekly check-ins, recipes + tons of motivation via email, phone or Skype.

Each Month: $75