FREE #HealthyHappyBody Beginner’s At Home Workout 

Are you looking for a great beginner’s workout routine? #HealthyHappyBody Beginner’s At Home Workout plan is a FREE 4-week fitness program for women who are either new to fitness or are venturing back into an exercise after some time away.

The best part? The entire program requires ZERO equipment and can be completed comfortably within your own home (personally, this is how I LOVE working out and this is how my paid programs are built like). I’ve assembled everything you need to begin your fitness routine and help build a HEALTHY HAPPY body.

What’s included?

  • Four-week schedule, including when to take rest days
  • HIIT Cardio workout
  • Legs & Butt workout
  • Arms & Abs workout
  • Full Body workout

Already a regular exerciser? You can easily adapt this program to suit your level by adding simple progressions, like adding weight, tacking on an additional set or increasing the reps by 10.

Get your FREE #HappyHealthyBody Beginners At Home 4-Week Program:

HealthyHappyBody 4 Week Schedule

HealthyHappyBody Legs and Butt workout for Beginners

HealthyHappyBody Arms and Abs workout for Beginners

HealthyHappyBody HITT workout for Beginners

HealthyHappyBody Full Body workout for Beginners