I thought I was a fit individual running after my two children who are under 4, but I was always feeling tired and mentally drained. At the suggestion of my husband to do something that would truly be for myself, I began training with Brianne at my home, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I made.

She was very supportive and motivating. During each session, Brianne provided just the right amount of motivation for me to push myself. All the activities we worked on were not intimidating. They were step building and made me feel confident to challenge myself to meet the goals that she set with me.

She developed and tailored a special program for me that would work on my core and not cause any injury (especially since I had my youngest not too long ago). We also worked on endurance building, and it helped me tremendously in increasing my energy for playing with my eldest child.

I also loved that most of the exercise activities did not require equipment, too much time, or lots of room. I was easily able to do the workouts she provided during my youngest child’s nap time.

After working with her for 6 weeks, I noticed a change in my core being tighter, my energy levels and endurance being better, and an overall confidence in myself (which to me, was the most rewarding thing). I never realized that the confidence would trickle into other areas in my life and help me be a better friend and mom.

Brianne trains with care and compassion and does everything she can to help you reach your goal. I would highly recommend her to my friends and family who want to make a change in their lives for the better. No matter how big or small, the impact will be significant, especially with Brianne encouraging you every step of the way. Linda D., Pickering, ON.

“Brianne Hogan is a trainer who truly cares about the specific needs of her trainees. The questionnaire she developed gave me some great insight into what I wanted out of an exercise program, but it also helped me to decide specifically what I wanted to achieve. She helped me to realize that I didn’t just want to be more active and fit, but that I also wanted to find a regimen that helped me reduce my stress level and decrease the symptoms of my depression and anxiety.

Her questions also helped me to understand more about how I felt about my body and what I wanted to feel as a result of working with her. It wasn’t just about losing weight or developing an active lifestyle, but about finding greater happiness in my life as a whole. That was unexpected, and it really put the ‘personal’ in ‘personal trainer.’

From my answers about what I liked and disliked, what I wanted to achieve and what I didn’t, Brianne came up with a program for me that felt achievable from the start. The series of workouts she created felt perfectly designed for my goals; it definitely wasn’t a “one-size-fits-all” approach. I never felt like I was one trainee among many — it always felt like Brianne was there for me as an individual.

Some workout days were harder than others — Brianne’s workouts are challenging and are meant to push you toward your limits. But she encouraged me on a daily basis, commenting on all my social media posts to boost my confidence. Even when I couldn’t make it through an entire circuit, she was never critical or harsh. Instead, she congratulated me on my effort which gave me the drive to work harder the next day. I even found myself doubling up on workouts if I skipped a day, something I never expected from myself.

Overall, my experience training with Brianne was fantastic. I had never worked with a personal trainer, though I had gotten gym memberships, gone running, and done yoga at home before, and found this to be the most effective method I’ve used by far. The stress of trying to figure out what I ought to do to get the results I wanted — Brianne took care of all of that for me. I felt great about sticking with it because I knew I had someone in my corner who was genuinely rooting for me to succeed. I saw an immediate difference in my levels of depression and anxiety, especially since I had a concrete reason to get up and get moving. But best of all, I ended up feeling better about my body, not only as I started to see and feel results, but right from the beginning. The more I learned what I was capable of achieving, the more confident I felt overall. Liz L., Boston, MA.